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A blog for any one that needs someone to listen. Here you'll find different Marvel characters and their muns all here for you, offering there support, no matter what.


Do not use google search images

4chan is attacking that too

I went to search up a simple child cartoon… I got bloody gore and a woman with a wooden bloody cross embedded in her face

I honestly am crying and shaking so much right now

Anonymous inquired:
I don't think anyone's willing to talk to me. I'm even scared to go off anon because I feel nobody would listen to me then. I tried to be nice to everybody, but ended up being hated instead.

Rarity Thrones here again, im in exactly the same situation as me

I gave up, but you can still have a chance. Keep trying

Anonymous inquired:
Recently, a few of my rp friends started to leave me. I'm following two of them, now they're ignoring me, making like I don't exist. I've tried to write them but this got ignored too. I want to leave them, but I feel like it will bring a lot of hate towards me as this happened to me once already...I don't know what should I do and this make me want to delete my blog.

Hey this is RarityThrones here

I am literally in the same boat. I have restarted 5 times and everyone seems to ignore me and pretends i dont exist, no matter what i do

But, all hope is not lost. You sweetheart, are strong. Keep trying and im sure something good will come up. Have you ever considered going to new fandoms? or talking to someone thats willing to? cause I know we here and everyone who follows this blog does

You are loved


One of my favorite breeds of dog


if this isn’t the most motivational tweet in the entire world idk what is

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bucky-the-winter-assassin is in a dark place right now and if you can offer words of comfort you should. Everyone needs to know that someone cares, whether that comes from a total stranger or from someone close. I’ll deal with any fallback from this post (I’ve never interacted with her) Just please sometimes words can lift you back up! 


Intro and Backstory!

Hi I’m a new reboot. My Darcy is different from others, as you’ll read in the backstory. I used to be Tazerbitchinheels until I was kicked out, off the community due to hate, but I’m back and hope to interact with you guys


  • Darcy was an orphan at just 8 years old. The day after her 8th birthday, her parents were killed in a car crash while on the way to work. She was at school.
  • Darcy was never adopted and grew up in the orphanage, she never really remembered where. she went to college at the age of 25 and met Jane
  • After Jane grew obsessed with trying to find her way to Thor, she left New Mexico and went to England. Unfortunately, SHIELD were trying to silence her for what she had seen - Nick Fury himself followed her to England, where he brought her back to New York and trained her himself as an agent
  • She was 26 when Tony stark hired her to be his and Bruce’s lab assistant - he was caught snooping through SHIELD’S files again and once he heard she tazed Thor, he wanted her around almost immediately
  • Shortly after she started working for them, she got regular abuse from villains and idiots who thought it was okay to kidnap the Avengers sassy PA… unfortunately it came at a cost. Darcy is now permanently disfigured.
  • The bruises and scars cover her entire body, and Darcy started nicknaming herself The Ragdoll and The Broken Assistant
  • She’s 28 years old now, and hides behind the mask of makeup. hides behind it all to hide the pain - the only thing that is keeping her together is the fact she has her friends at the Avengers tower. and The Bus. Her only goal in her life is to make the others happy, after all the shit they’ve been through, a smile is all that really matters to her. to make her friends happy. She never wears short clothes, she always hides the scars. She has never let the others seen them, too afraid her friends will push her away