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A blog for any one that needs someone to listen. Here you'll find different Marvel characters and their muns all here for you, offering there support, no matter what.

puppies in a laundry basket! ( x )

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Do not use google search images

4chan is attacking that too

I went to search up a simple child cartoon… I got bloody gore and a woman with a wooden bloody cross embedded in her face

I honestly am crying and shaking so much right now

Anonymous inquired:
I don't think anyone's willing to talk to me. I'm even scared to go off anon because I feel nobody would listen to me then. I tried to be nice to everybody, but ended up being hated instead.

Rarity Thrones here again, im in exactly the same situation as me

I gave up, but you can still have a chance. Keep trying

Anonymous inquired:
Recently, a few of my rp friends started to leave me. I'm following two of them, now they're ignoring me, making like I don't exist. I've tried to write them but this got ignored too. I want to leave them, but I feel like it will bring a lot of hate towards me as this happened to me once already...I don't know what should I do and this make me want to delete my blog.

Hey this is RarityThrones here

I am literally in the same boat. I have restarted 5 times and everyone seems to ignore me and pretends i dont exist, no matter what i do

But, all hope is not lost. You sweetheart, are strong. Keep trying and im sure something good will come up. Have you ever considered going to new fandoms? or talking to someone thats willing to? cause I know we here and everyone who follows this blog does

You are loved